SolarWinds: Network Management Made Simple

SolarWinds: Network Management Made Simple

Kevin B. Thompson, CEO, Solar WindsKevin B. Thompson, CEO
Ability to automate orchestration across various entities of any network that spans across locations and devices is no easy task. Network automation is an inside out approach that may demand the entire restructuring of an infrastructure; and has the potential to transform the enterprise landscape pretty much the way machines led to the industrial revolution. Since inception in 1999, SolarWinds has come a long way to establish itself as the leader in IT infrastructure management. With its key offering that enables enterprises to respond to changes with automated network configuration management, SolarWinds is a pioneer in the enterprise networking arena.

With the winds of change blowing across today’s enterprise technology landscape, the need for network change management inevitably becomes the demand of an automated network. Referring to SolarWinds’ product offering for automated change management, the company’s CEO, Kevin B. Thompson states, “Network Configuration Manager (NCM) can be used to design change templates, create standardized configurations, and use built-in workflows to review, approve, schedule, and push bulk configuration updates across hundreds or even thousands of devices in minutes”.

Quite contrary to the way it is projected by many vendors, network automation isn’t an ‘install-and-forget’ aspect that CIOs could bank upon. Just as automation provides improved visibility through virtualization, it demands effective management. SolarWinds’ vendor agnostic change and configuration management offering provides real-time notification, configuration back up, reporting, and endorses compliance audition and vulnerability management. NCM empowers network administrators with enhanced insights into network infrastructure with its powerful search and job scheduling options while enabling them to delegate tasks based on assignable roles and permissions.

Our products are developed by network and systems engineers who know what it takes to manage today’s dynamic IT environments that deliver on our promise of unexpected simplicity.

Incorporating review and approval process atop configuration changes, identifying changes using side-by-side analysis and maintaining network inventory are among other proactive capabilities NCM grants administrators.

Companies leveraging the unique proposition and capability of NCM include Kellogs, P&G and PWC to name a few. SolarWinds’ offerings range across network, system and database management, IT security, to SaaS products such as DevOps cloud and application performance monitoring, and website uptime & performance. Companies of all sizes, seeking to automate their networks can avail the complete functionalities of SolarWinds’ state-of-the-art solutions that automate bulk configuration changes to wired and wireless devices. Thompson recalls the instance of a client of SolarWinds who had to deploy new TACACS (Terminal Access Controller Access Control System) servers. “NCM allowed them to deploy in fifteen minutes saving up to forty man hours.” he prides. And in another instance Thompson points, “The NCM offering’s backup feature helped another client to save over eighty hours of work in a year.”

SolarWinds’ solutions are rooted in deep connection with its large user base. Users can interact within the company’s thwack online community to solve problems, share technology and best practices, and directly participate in its product development process. The company is focused on providing accessible and immediate solutions to the IT professionals to maintain their network’s health, and drive the business forward. Across market segments, the firm follows a consistent approach, effectively eliminating the complexities beset in traditional enterprise software. Tagging the company as ‘Geekbuilt’, Thompson concludes, “Our products are developed by network and systems engineers who know what it takes to manage today’s dynamic IT environments that deliver on our promise of unexpected simplicity.”