FedTechServices: Boutique Solutions for Network Automation

FedTechServices: Boutique Solutions for Network Automation

Allen Noble, CEO, FedTechServicesAllen Noble, CEO
Allen Noble, the Founder and Architect at FedTech Services, has a unique persona that underpins his work ethics and one that has rewarded him in his fifteen years of consulting business. He has worked with the military, AT&T, a slew of cable companies, and industry leaders across sectors to offer consulting services and solutions in the network management arena with a specific focus on quality and customer service. Despite his high-profile clients, it is his exceptional work and honest approach backed by a dependable team that has translated into immense gains for his entire roster of loyal clients for more than a decade.

Tracing the journey, Allen recalls an interesting episode about how he reconciled a database for a cable company in Atlanta for no charge. “They had 80,000 records in one database and 50,000 in another and the company that was hired to do the job said they could only reconcile 5,000 contacts per year at a million dollar per year,” says Allen. “I designed a solution, ran and tested it, and reconciled 15,000 records in three days. In fact it is not hard to reconcile databases, if you understand what those databases contain,” he laughs.

Down the timeline, in 2010, FTS worked with the military—the U.S. Central Command (USCENTCOM) and U.S. Forces-Afghanistan (USFOR-A) in particular. The task was to create a solution that would expedite deployment of their network management system. Original estimates assumed it would take two years and millions of dollars per location to accomplish. With thirty locations to service, the government was staring at quite a hefty price to pay. In a nutshell, Allen got the system up and useable within one month. After two more months, it was completely functional.

Because the industry that Allen operates in is so complicated, it’s easy for companies to come up with inefficient solutions or gouge their clients for money.

Our customizations are universal and in networking this approach makes it a lot simpler

“For long time, scores of professional services companies have just tried to milk the budgets,” he exclaims. “If I do a project under budget, I’ll give them their money back.”

FTS accomplished all 30 sites for 20 million in several months against the projected 200 million and two years. It sounds like an impossible feat and tremendous savings, but Allen explains that he cut 80 percent of his work out by creating what he calls a Network Management Solution in a box (NMS). The NMS allowed him to focus on the 20 percent of the job that was for customizing his solution for each customer. In the end, the Network Management Solution in a box is really just a simple name for a complex system.

That’s only one piece of the pie, though. FTS has also successfully implemented Theater Network Management Architecture (TNMA), to support efficient network communications for the USFOR-A. The solutions portfolio includes Eagle-Scope, an end-to-end secure video management solution that enables law enforcement to capture the evidence in real-time.

FedTech Services also deal with consulting work, training, and even allowing customers to test and validate solutions in their in-house lab— FedTechLabs (FTL). FTL allows Allen and his team to effectively evaluate whether certain IT solutions are right for any particular customer.

“If a solution is done right, it takes the guesswork out,” Allen says. “It makes it more of a custom-designed manufactured approach versus a custom approach. Our customizations are universal and in networking this approach makes it a lot simpler.”

And in an industry as complex as the one Allen calls home, the principles— honesty, integrity, and transparency infused with honest, genuine and helpful ways of doing business are just as important as the solutions that FedTechLabs builds.