BMC: Bolstering Digital Innovation

BMC: Bolstering Digital Innovation

Peter Leav, President & CEO, BMCPeter Leav, President & CEO
Today’s digital enterprises are empowered with quick deployment of virtual machines and applications, helping them meet their business requirements while reducing operational expenses. This agility comes from the fact that the compute infrastructure has been integrated with external automation tools and management systems. However, changes made to the compute infrastructure require corresponding updates to the corresponding network infrastructure. Often the provisioning and management of the network has not kept pace with those of virtual machines and applications. For many organizations, the network has become a bottleneck, as it prohibits enterprises from deploying a robust, agile, and highly responsive data center infrastructure. As a strong contributor to digital enterprise solutions, BMC Software empowers companies to address these challenges by offering products for high performance across their network.

BMC’s BladeLogic Network Automation enables organizations to quickly automate as well as prevent potential threats in their infrastructure to eliminate network outages and improve service delivery across the business. BMC provides clients with a policy based approach to regulatory standards for network management with real time compliance and helps automate routine administrative tasks through BladeLogic Network Automation. The solution empowers clients to prioritize and remediate critical vulnerabilities and compliance violations based on potential impacts on the business in combination with BladeLogic Threat Director. These solutions also automate compliance checks for adherence to regulatory requirements such as PCI-DSS or security standards like DISA. Clients can generate scripts and rollback entire configurations without rebooting the device. Organizations can reduce expensive network administration resources and enhance service delivery across the business through BMC’s automated network management that brings down network outages.

I see the ability for BMC to continue to growth with an end-to-end enterprise story that focuses on innovation

Alongside automation solutions, the company offers a myriad of solutions for big data, multi cloud architectures and service management.

BMC Software constantly ensures that quality is taken into account in all its products—from requirements gathering, to design, through testing, and finally ongoing maintenance and support. BMC is a software behemoth that works with 82 percent of the Fortune 500 and serves more than 10,000 customers worldwide. Among the company’s large client base are industry leaders from IT to telecommunications to energy sectors such as Fujitsu, Vodafone and Eaton. An interesting success story is that SAP Global IT, which required to deliver instances of SAP software to its R&D department to support testing and development that must comply with stringent financial mandates. To meet R&D’s needs, SAP Global IT created the Corporate Compute Cloud (C3) high-performance environment. SAP Global IT partnered with BMC to use solutions such as BladeLogic that helped with process automation, infrastructure visibility and analytics necessary for effective management of C3. BMC solutions reduced automation service provisioning time from days to hours and reduced administrative time per deployment. Also, the standardized processes and reporting to users delivers business transparency in the cloud. “BMC solutions provided us with the ability to provision, configure, deliver, and retire instances from our private cloud at the pace required by the business,” says Dietmar Reinelt, VP, Global IT Infrastructure Services, SAP.

With Peter Leav at its helm, the company will charter the path of innovation by concentrating more on analytics, IoT, and machine learning keep up with upcoming trends in the digital workplace arena. BMC will invest in the resources and systems to support highest quality of systems to drive continuous improvements in its products and services. “I see the ability for BMC to continue its growth with an end-to-end enterprise story that focuses on innovation,” he concludes.