6connect: Connect, Orchestrate and Automate

6connect: Connect, Orchestrate and Automate

Aaron Hughes, CEO/CTO & Co-Founder, 6connectAaron Hughes, CEO/CTO & Co-Founder
Today network architectures are undergoing a makeover with the exponential growth of virtual machines and connected devices, making legacy solutions inefficient to meet the modern network management requirements. As the networks expand, organizations are on a constant lookout for solutions that help them seamlessly and optimally manage network resources. With core network technology expertise, 6connect has been addressing network management challenges by providing API based next-generation platform for automated management and control of network resources assisting organizations and administrators meet the ever evolving network management complexities. “Our solutions can be used from the 6connect distributed cloud infrastructure, for seamless network automation and management,” says Aaron Hughes, CEO/ CTO and Co-founder, 6connect. With 6connect, the user can scale up to billions of devices with confidence avoiding the costly pitfalls of traditional ad hoc solutions as well as the complications of manual network resource management.

6connect’s flagship product, the 6connect ProVision is one of the most scalable, flexible, and automated cloud-based solution that addresses the ever changing network provisioning requirements. ProVision– the revolutionary Dynamic Network Provisioning (DNP) platform has an internal robust Connector Library that fully automates the provisioning, configuration, and control of devices across distributed networks present in datacenters around the world. This flexible approach to provisioning allows customers to accelerate service delivery time and accurately provision complex network protocols, while dramatically reducing network complexity and operational costs. The solution’s REST API provides easy integration and helps automate complicated and frequent network provisioning workflows for innovative customers including Dell, Swisscom, PCCW, Terremark, iLand Cloud Infrastructure, and CyrusOne.

ProVision is designed with innovative features like communication management for Peering, Multiple Local Internet Registry support and Regional Internet Registry integration support, saving time even from the first day of installation.

Our solutions can be used from 6connect’s distributed cloud infrastructure, behind your firewall, or in any combination

While the platforms IP address manager supports and handles IPv4 and IPv6, the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) manager allows powerful back end tracking, and auditing to ensure compliance. The platform’s Border Gateway Protocol session management allows communications tracking across exchanges. In addition, ProVision’s Domain Name System Security Extension (DNSSEC) manager seamlessly allows managing multiple DNS servers that even uses different technologies. The ProVision platform also provides the ability to create groups and user accounts as well as set permissions to the lowest detailing levels for any objects.

6connect has been assisting various organizations to effectively manage their network while reducing expenses and network management complexity. In one instance, 6connect assisted DukeNet– a fiber network provider offering advanced data and high-capacity bandwidth services–with a fully integrated and automated IP management solution. DukeNet was using manual processes such as BlueCat and Excel spreadsheets to provision data. To keep up with its expanding service offerings and customer base, DukeNet started searching for an automated IP management solution as well as a solution for offering self-updating capabilities to its customers. 6connect provided ProVision that allowed DukeNet’s customer response times for IP assignments to drastically reduce from three days to just one day and also provisioning an IP address in just a click. Furthermore, ProVision enabled DukeNet to effortlessly control its network and also offer a convenient self-service option to its customers, while providing outstanding service reliability. The platforms’ DNS component enables DukeNet to allow its customers to login and configure their own accounts.

6connect will continue offering solutions comprising of revolutionary features for network automation & provisioning for ISP’s and enterprises around the world. The firm aims to develop a ground-breaking software infrastructure needed to provision network-enabled devices by providing a completely flexible and fully dynamic management platform.